• What version of Photoshop do I need for PaintCandy sets?

All overlays and templates are compatible with CS4 and Elements 6 and up.  Basically, these will work with any software that allows you to work in layers.


  • Are "Overlays" or "Textures" the same as "Actions"?

No they are not the same. Actions are presets layers in Photoshop that you have to install. Overlays are Jpegs or PNGs that you place on top of your photograph and change the blending mode to different styles. (screen , overlay, soft light).  Actions are substantially more complex and we recommend only experienced photoshop users purchase these items. Overlays and Textures are relatively simple in application and are therefor appropriate for beginner photoshop users.


  • How will I receive my purchase?

All Digital Products are INSTANT download deliveries.


  • Do you offer sales?

Our Products are already priced at the lowest possible price. We do offer sales from time to time via newsletters and through our blog partners. 


  • Can I distribute / post / share / sell images that I create using these products?

Absolutely!  We hope that you do that very thing!  As long as you flatten the image before selling it or making it public, then you are good to go.  Hint:  If you credit www.paintcandy.org with helping make your creative work possible, then let us know via email and we'll send a free thank you gift your way!  


  • Can I distribute / post / share / sell the actions, textures, or overlay files of these products?

Sorry to disappoint, but no. That would be infringing upon licensing rights that are not being sold.  If you LOVE these products and are interested in an affiliate program where you can make money by endorsing our products on your site, please reach out to us via our contact us page


  • Refund Policy

Due to the nature of these instantly downloadable digital products, we cannot make refunds or exchanges.  Very sorry for any inconvenience this convenience creates.  Be sure to double check your cart items, make certain the products selected are compatible with your software and if you are still unsure, email us BEFORE purchasing!  Please create a backup of your file, we do not do file forwarding because of data loss, rewriting or any other issue. 





Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

PaintCandy Terms & Conditions

Our Overlays and Textures are JPEGS or PNGs delivered in a Zip File.


Our Photoshop Actions are ATN files delivered in a Zip File.

You will need intermediate experience and familiarity with Adobe Photoshop to use and/or make changes to these action sets.


When you buy one of our templates/overlays/textures/actions/brushes or any other product in the shop, you are not buying the copyright to the product, but are buying the right to use the product in a certain way. This is commonly referred to as “licensing” a product.


PaintCandy products and templates are licensed for one use/purpose - for users to enhance their own photo images and to sell at retail to their own studio’s clients. 


PaintCandy still owns the copyright to the design and are licensing the use of that copyright to you for a fee. Because you are not purchasing the copyright to the items you download, you may not use them in any way that is not expressly permitted. For example, you may not copy, loan, give away, or sell the product to someone else, because the copyright remains the property of PaintCandy.  You may NOT resell, redistribute or share these templates in whole or in part for any reason; claim these designs as your own; or sell any set, subset, or part of the set. Including but not limited to Etsy, Ebay, or general online card stores outside the scope of the licensing above.  You also may not sell or claim any ownership of any derivations of these items.  


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By purchasing any file from this shop you accept the terms and conditions.

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