Actions are a series of manual procedures that are recorded and available to run again and again as a quick shortcut to achieve the desired effects.  Our PaintCandy action set bundles provide you with a variety of premium actions, brushes, overlays, and textures to arm you with the tools to create amazing images faster


Photoshop actions are best suited for creatives who are at least somewhat familiar with photoshop as they take a little more knowledge to use effectively compared to overlays or textures.  


Regardless, our mission is to make it as simple as possible for you so we've created these wonderfully complete standalone bundles just for you. They match perfectly with seasonal photoshop edits, but also each work well across a broader spectrum of applications as expansive as your imagination.


All of our actions are fully editable so that you have the highest level of customization options available to you. 


After you purchase and download photoshop effects, please visit our Product Instruction page and get inspired on how you can use your new tools!

For those seeking more advanced photoshop tools for empowered creative freedom...

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Premium photoshop action sets just for you