How do I use PaintCandy Photoshop Actions?


We have created a quick video to show you a general example of how one might use our Action bundles.  Actions are inherently more complex than the Overlays and Textures such that we recommend these products only for familiar Photoshop users.  Please keep in mind that due to the large number of various action items found in all of our sets and the nature of using these actions for best effect, it is simply not possible to show how to use each and every one.  We hope these videos show you some of the possibilities and inspires you to begin creating beautiful image enhancements right away.  


Step 1:  Installing Actions into Photoshop Elements


Step 2:  Review the definition documents to familiarize yourself with what tools you will be using. 

These photoshop action definitions describe what each component is for within each of the action sets, you can find these by clicking on the relevant document links below:


Step 3:  Below you'll find two example tutorials:

  1. CS|CC Photoshop Actions using our Autumn Collection

  2. PSE Photoshop Elements Actions using our Iridescent Collection

Tutorial: Using Photoshop CS | CC Actions

Tutorial: Using Photoshop Elements PSE actions

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